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    Zitrof 8:51 am on September 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: AIMC, , , , , JNPR, , , RIG, , TRVG, ,   

    #AIMC Continuation
    Pot Stocks, Cannabis play, #NBEV, #CRON, #CGC, TLRY (crazy)
    #GGAL resistance break
    #IGC just watch
    #JNPR watch for volume and play either direction
    #LBRT just keeps going
    #RIG into gas above if it wants to move with volume
    #TOPS just watch
    #TRVG see if it wants to pull back
    #XXII could be another pot stock play
    #ZYNE could be another pot stock play

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    Zitrof 1:05 pm on August 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Cannabis,   

    #CRON, got in at $7 and out at $7.57, might revisit, but think it will pullback for now. #Cannabis stocks seem to be trending

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    Zitrof 7:23 am on September 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , ASCMA, CCL, , , , , , , , , , , , , , NVCN, , RRC, , , ,   

    Watchlist 9/21/2018
    Think today is a triple witching, Careful on stocks with Options.
    #ALT for short on weakness, but scary one, needs to confirm, and give good stable entry. No news, jumped on small float and reverse split.
    #ACAD Possible continuation on beat down stock, strong close on news FDA has completed a postmarketing review, reaffirming the positive benefit-risk profile of Nuplazid
    #ASCMA Huge move on no news, watch for Short entry, horrible financials, possible chatroom pump on sympathy play for AMZN news with ADT
    #FNJN Nice move on volume, possible continuation
    #CCL possible end of run, possible short entry for a small scalp
    #PI had a strong close, possible move over 26 with volume
    #LBRT either breaks top or comes back down
    #FEYE Watch for move over triple top with volume for 17+
    #TNDM might want to go back to 50
    Pot Stocks, Cannabis plays #NBEV, #NEPT, #CGC, #CRON, #ZYNE, #APHQF #IGC (nice day plays)
    #AMD might be a decent short entry for day play
    #GEVO might be curling up, watch for news pump and offering
    #NVCN Possible Reverse split, watch for short entry
    #ACHC might want to start up curl
    #AMRS might want to continue from yesterday
    #CRBP 54% yesterday following news that it has licensed the rights to drug candidates from more than 600 compounds targeting the endocannabinoid system from Jenrin Discovery (Cannabis play?)
    #GGAL has room up, volume has been increasing
    #MYSZ Either direction, watch volume – no really plays, let it establish and show direction
    #RRC strong close with volume, high short interest, might squeeze some, then fade
    #TOPS and #DRYS have been getting some attention lately, keep an eye (careful)
    #TXMD big move on volume, had very strong day

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    Zitrof 8:32 pm on September 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ABUs, , , ATI, BLPH, , , , , , , , HDP, , , , , SSC, ,   

    #MYSZ – Either direction
    #LBRT might want some 21.60 action
    #HDP might be a short, CEO selling stock, near 5 year high.
    #AMD – Either ways always gives nice day trades.
    Watching Cannabis stocks, #TLRY, #CGC, #CRON, #CANN, #APHQF
    #TNDM for move over 50 or short
    #SSC if it wants to go back to test high 5.60
    #FEYE if green watch to over 17.5
    #JMEI, I just like this one
    #CVM, let’s see where it wants to go
    #FNJN for a curl of the lows here
    #ABUs, had interesting close, watch
    #LBRT, watch for 21.6
    #PI, just watching for entry (either)
    #GNC, Probably my favorite long play, room to over 4
    #BLPH, looks like it want to travel through the gap.
    #ATI, watching

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    Zitrof 8:22 am on August 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: AGEN, AMPE, , , CALX, , , DDD, , GERN, , IMMY, MRK, NEWA, NTGR, ROSE, , SNGX, TAT, , , TTPH, TVIX, VNET,   

    08/22 Watchlist
    #TVIX if the Market starts to pull back.
    #NEWA had a huge drop yesterday on no news, Company says they have no idea about the volatility, might go crazy today (but careful) (already did a little pre-market for .20 profit)
    #CVM for a move into the window over 1.80 run up.
    #AMPE if over 67 could move over resistance and run to .80’s
    #IGC Wildcard Marijuana stock
    #TAT for a move over 1.80
    #AGEN, recently received $ from #MRK, volume and move yesterday, play for continuation.
    #VNET nice move yesterday with volume, if volume could break above resistance over $11
    #CRON if it goes green could move over yesterday’s high. Also a pot stock and they have been trending.
    #TLRY for a breakout, pot stock
    #SNGX over 1.60 could see some cover and move to the 1.80’s
    #ROSE, why not, chart seems to be a little crazy but also has bounce recovery for second day.
    #TTPH has upcoming 8/28 PDUFA, could get a move, watch for volume.
    #IMMY for a continuation, could be a swing if volume and move over 3.30 with strength, but it’s a pharma and I don’t see a catalyst.
    #DDD for continuation of breakout
    #ARQL for a channel continuation
    #CALX for a continuation onto the news on it’s fiber network.
    #SCI for Continuation with volume
    #NTGR in the Window move to over $72
    #AMRS Offering at @6.25 for 1.15M shares, well above that and closed offer yesterday – seems to have strength
    #TPH for continuation, could be swing
    #XXII pot stock starting to get momentum
    #GERN for continuation with volume.
    #FNJN for a swing moving higher (Cyber Security Company)

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    Zitrof 11:20 am on August 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

    Some Cannabis Stocks, Marijuana Stocks 

    Creating a list of Marijuana – Cannabis stocks. Always nice to have a list and know a little about this trending sector.


    #CRON Cronos Group Inc Canadian based company cultivates medical marijuana companies and owns 100% of Peace Naturals, 100% of Original BC and 21.5% of Whistler Medical Marijuana Company. (Cannabis Grower)

    #ABBV AbbVie Inc large cap US biopharmaceutical company which just happens to be one of the first with an FDA approved cannabis-based drug, Marinol, on the market. Marinol is approved for chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting and anorexia. (Pharma)

    #CGC Canopy Growth Corp The Smith Falls, Ontario-based Canopy is a producer and seller of medicinal-marijuana products. Canopy became NYSE’s first weed listing in May. (Cannabis Grower)

    #TLRY Tilray Inc made its debut in NASDAQ with an IPO price of US$17. It’s the first company that has received permission to import cannabis into the U.S. for medical research. Tilray’s revenue in 2017 was US$20 million. (Cannabis Grower)

    #CNTFF CannTrust Holdings is a Canadian producer of Medical Cannabis. (Cannabis Grower)

    #HYYDF Hydropothecary Corporation is Based in Quebec, Canada, Hydropothecary is a licensed producer and distributor of cannabis. (Cannabis Grower)

    #TGODF The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, the Green Organic Dutchman Holdings is a medical marijuana grower. It’s building Canada’s largest cannabis greenhouse in Valleyfield, Quebec. (Cannabis Grower)

    #TRTC Terra Tech Corp from Irvine, CA, Terra Tech is an agricultural company that has operations in production and dispensing medical marijuana. (Cannabis Grower)

    #GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals Plc pharmaceutical company known for its development of cannabinoid derived drug therapies. Its current lead product, Epidiolex, is designed to treat drug-resistant forms of epilepsy. (Pharma)

    #CRBP Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Massachusetts biotech company focuses on synthetic cannabinoid drugs. (Pharma)





    #STZ Constellation Brands, the major alcoholic beverage maker, took a minority stake in Canopy in October 2017 and recently added an additional US$4 billion investment.




    #ABCFF Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a Canadian licensed cannabis producer. Coca-Cola reportedly could be looking to make a deal with Aurora to develop cannabis-infused drinks. (Cannabis Grower)



    #APHQF Aphria Inc Formerly CHT Medical, Aphria uses greenhouse grown cannabis to produce medical marijuana and cannabis oil products. (Cannabis Grower)


    #CANN General Cannabis Corp Denver, CO-based company provides business services, including real estate, consulting, security, financing and the distribution of infrastructure products to grow facilities and dispensaries.

    #SMG Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, Marysville, OH-based garden products supplier has been doubling down on the cannabis market by investing in the hydroponics industry. Hydroponic growing is known as an efficient way of cultivating cannabis.

    #TAP Molson Coors Brewing Company Colorado-based alcoholic-beverage giant, is developing pot-infused drinks with Canadian cannabis producer Hydropothecary Corp.

    #NBEV New Age Beverages Corp a small Colorado-based company, announced it would debut a portfolio of CBD (cannabidiol)-infused beverages at a trade show in October 2018.

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