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But if you can’t, you won’t stay. Site administrators will cancel and discontinue your account if you are an interruption.

Some Rules:

Disagreement and debate about ideas is encouraged within the community, however attacking other members or contributors is not a constructive form of debate. The following behaviors are not permitted:

Insults & Harassment: You may not send messages that insult or harass another person.
Threats: You may not send messages that threaten another person.
Derogatory Language: You may not send messages that are derogatory or racist against a particular group of people.
Vulgarity: You should not use vulgarity, there is just no need for it. (Please don’t, it’s matter of courtesy)

Respectfully Disagree: If someone is sharing something that you disagree with, it’s ok to disagree constructively with what they are saying, but don’t attack them personally.

NO FAKE NEWS, we are all here to help each other, no fake news, and no Pumping. It’s best to provide a link when you post information or mention that it is your Opinion.

Spam and Spreading false rumors = Will get you BANNED, very quick!

Please have fun, contribute, share great ideas and make lot’s of money. We really want you to stay and be a healthy member of our community.