ALT Biotech Catalyst

July 1, 2018 @ 8:00 am – September 30, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

ALT – Altimmune, Inc. has three upcoming catalyst. 2 catalyst in 3Q and 1 in 4Q of 2018, and plenty of insider buying. #ALT

NASOSHIELD, Anthrax vaccine – has Phase 1 data due early 3Q 2018
NasoShield is based on RespirVec technology to provide protection following a single intranasal administration as opposed to multiple injections. Based on head-to-head results from studies performed in gold-standard preclinical models, NasoShield provided more rapid and consistent protection when compared to the currently approved anthrax vaccine, both potential key advantages for presumed use in a bioterrorism emergency.

NasoVAX, Flu vaccine – Phase 2 additional data due 3Q 2018
NasoVAX is based on our RespirVec platform, which mobilizes the immune system in ways that conventional vaccines cannot by eliciting a multifaceted response that engages the innate, cellular and mucosal immune systems. In preclinical studies, a single dose of NasoVAX provided complete protection against a lethal flu challenge within days of administration.

My personal opinion is that the company needs $, but no open effect forms and seems like a lot of insider ownership. Could move up and squeeze with heavy shorts.

ALT SEC Filings: