08/22 Watchlist
#TVIX if the Market starts to pull back.
#NEWA had a huge drop yesterday on no news, Company says they have no idea about the volatility, might go crazy today (but careful) (already did a little pre-market for .20 profit)
#CVM for a move into the window over 1.80 run up.
#AMPE if over 67 could move over resistance and run to .80’s
#IGC Wildcard Marijuana stock
#TAT for a move over 1.80
#AGEN, recently received $ from #MRK, volume and move yesterday, play for continuation.
#VNET nice move yesterday with volume, if volume could break above resistance over $11
#CRON if it goes green could move over yesterday’s high. Also a pot stock and they have been trending.
#TLRY for a breakout, pot stock
#SNGX over 1.60 could see some cover and move to the 1.80’s
#ROSE, why not, chart seems to be a little crazy but also has bounce recovery for second day.
#TTPH has upcoming 8/28 PDUFA, could get a move, watch for volume.
#IMMY for a continuation, could be a swing if volume and move over 3.30 with strength, but it’s a pharma and I don’t see a catalyst.
#DDD for continuation of breakout
#ARQL for a channel continuation
#CALX for a continuation onto the news on it’s fiber network.
#SCI for Continuation with volume
#NTGR in the Window move to over $72
#AMRS Offering at @6.25 for 1.15M shares, well above that and closed offer yesterday – seems to have strength
#TPH for continuation, could be swing
#XXII pot stock starting to get momentum
#GERN for continuation with volume.
#FNJN for a swing moving higher (Cyber Security Company)