Watchlist 9/21/2018
Think today is a triple witching, Careful on stocks with Options.
#ALT for short on weakness, but scary one, needs to confirm, and give good stable entry. No news, jumped on small float and reverse split.
#ACAD Possible continuation on beat down stock, strong close on news FDA has completed a postmarketing review, reaffirming the positive benefit-risk profile of Nuplazid
#ASCMA Huge move on no news, watch for Short entry, horrible financials, possible chatroom pump on sympathy play for AMZN news with ADT
#FNJN Nice move on volume, possible continuation
#CCL possible end of run, possible short entry for a small scalp
#PI had a strong close, possible move over 26 with volume
#LBRT either breaks top or comes back down
#FEYE Watch for move over triple top with volume for 17+
#TNDM might want to go back to 50
Pot Stocks, Cannabis plays #NBEV, #NEPT, #CGC, #CRON, #ZYNE, #APHQF #IGC (nice day plays)
#AMD might be a decent short entry for day play
#GEVO might be curling up, watch for news pump and offering
#NVCN Possible Reverse split, watch for short entry
#ACHC might want to start up curl
#AMRS might want to continue from yesterday
#CRBP 54% yesterday following news that it has licensed the rights to drug candidates from more than 600 compounds targeting the endocannabinoid system from Jenrin Discovery (Cannabis play?)
#GGAL has room up, volume has been increasing
#MYSZ Either direction, watch volume – no really plays, let it establish and show direction
#RRC strong close with volume, high short interest, might squeeze some, then fade
#TOPS and #DRYS have been getting some attention lately, keep an eye (careful)
#TXMD big move on volume, had very strong day